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Re: NFC: Re:Erie Fish Club Auction Sunday

In a message dated 2/19/01 7:16:33 AM Eastern Standard Time,
jlevi_us at yahoo_com writes:

I should have posted much earlier, the Erie Fish Club
or named close to that had their annual auction (once
a year not just annual fish) this past Sunday at North
Boston NY near Buffalo,

Nice crowd and lots of goodies all day, some high
prices and a lot of what I thought were bargains, I
got a few pairs of killys and a flask of eggs, saw one
banded sunfish and a few Cuban pupfish and a lot of
US livebearers. Visited with a lot of folks and had a
great time. The sale was well run, two auctioneers
trading off all day, started on time at 11am and going
strong when my sister and I left after 6pm.

The auction Jake is referring to is the Tropical Fish Club of Erie county's
annual auction, the largest all species auction in the country.  This year
was smaller than last, but still auctioned over 1700 items.  The "Cuban
pupfish" were mine but they were Cubanichthys pengalleyii, the Jamaican
pupfish. Picked up a pair of Elassoma okefenokee, that were grown fry of mine
that I passed around late last year.  Also picked up some Allotoca maculata,
Girardinus  falcatus, Priapella compressa and a trio of Skiffia
multipunctatus.  Also picked up a beautiful male pumpkinseed in a 5 gal pail
with lid for a $.  We have our auction every year on the Sunday before
Presidents' Day. Worth the trip!