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NFC: Re: Fw: transporting wild fishes

    When I was a kid we always used to carry around a 5 gallon bucket with
us when we were trying to catch minnows.  Usually we'd swing the bucket in
vertical circles so the...uh...centripetal force would drive the disease and
uh...stress to the bottom of the bucket.  Forgetting about the fish and
leaving the bucket in the hot sun for sometimes more than a day doesn't hurt
either.  Gives them a chance to "air out."  Make sure you only do this on a
sunny day, and make sure there is an aluminum rowboat nearby to throw the
frogs on and watch them go through "heat therapy."
    Also, when swinging a fishing pole without hitting the release, a
bluegill can approach the speed of sound which also drive out disease...and
life :)

Those were the day :)

> Hi J.R.  --  I'm trying to compile some recommendations for reducing
> stress during collecting & transport, and preventing disease outbreaks a
> few days later, in wild-caught fish.  I'm leading a native fish
> collecting trip for the annual Raleigh Aquarium Society weekend
> conference (this Friday Feb 23), and want to give the attendees good
> advice for long-term survival.  Eventually I'd like to put this on the
> NANFA and NFC websites.  Have you seen any similar articles anywhere?