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NFC: Re:Erie Fish Club Auction Sunday

I should have posted much earlier, the Erie Fish Club
or named close to that had their annual auction (once
a year not just annual fish) this past sunday at North
Boston NY near Buffalo,

nice crowd and lots of goodies all day, some high
prices and a lot of what I thought were bargains, I
got a few pairs of killys and a flask of eggs, saw one
banded sunfish and a few cuban pupfish and a lot of 
US livebearers. Visited with a lot of folks and had a
great time. The sale was well run, two auctioners
trading off all day, started on time at 11am and going
strong when my sister and I left after 6pm.

It is every year about this time I am told, I would
heartily reccommend it. The Pittsburg Aquarium Club
one coming up in a couple of weeks, forget the date
but check it out if you are close. This seems to be
the season for a lot of clubs to hold their annual

A LOT of natives showing up in these.

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