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Re: NFC: Not a good collection day.....


Was going on my 9 years experince as a cop..... Saw 2 tanks laying beside
the water that have been there for along time.  Saw the bright pink stones
in the area in the water.... Non native pink stones mind you!  hehe Found
some plastic aquarium plants too in the area in the water covered with
algae.... thought I was dealing with some kinda super weed that 2,4D Ester
couldnt kill until I picked it out of the water....

They look to be non-native.... Talked to a plant guy from DEP and he stated
to me that there has been a lot of dumping in the area for years... also
pleco are in the springs as well (and the standard issued blue tilaplia). So
I take it as someone dumped something there...

Found some mottled (kinda spotty) Gambusia females as well... Got pics of
them too....

 Interesting enough some of the Lucania goodei had better coloration to them
then the ones we collected over at Fox Lake Park in Titusville.  The red was
REALLLLY red.. and the blues was like the Willie Wonka Everlasting
Gobstopper blue... Amazing and stunning were the only words....

Got the pics done.... will advertise the link tomorrow as to where I will
put the pictures....

Chris Gup