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NFC: Re: misison planning for Central FL E.R.T. (was: RE: buyer forexotics)

Chris Guppenberger wrote:  

>>  I plan to go out over to the Orlando area the 2nd or 3rd week 
>>  of March.  I am expanding my exotic gathering not to just fish, 
>>  but also removing some exotic weeds from the waterways as 
>>  well. Maybe gather some hydrilla and garbage bag it to the 
>>  landfill to rot and die.  Make it a 2 way effort......
>>  Will be announcing a gathering place to launch from and the 
>>  list of places we are going to hit.
>>  Anyway..... if anyone is interested.... Jim & Doug  (hint hint) 
>>  speak up! Lets make something of this and remove some 
>>  fish from our water....

I am generally available in March, although I have a 20th Anniv coming mid-month that will involve as-yet still circling the airport plans.(There are priorities in life, and apparently ... and I'm just going here on what I've been told .... "Fish ain't #1."  Shocking if true, of course. Sorry if this offends the sensibilities of any of you [from the unmarried contingent].)

However, Sat the 17th is the previously mentioned St. Johns River Cleanup, and geezer that I am, on Sun the 18th I will probably be too stiff to able to do anything useful except complain about it..


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL
Someone was asking for the recipe for Guppen-tizers ???

1 doz sardine-sized exotic fish
   (same sized filets will do)
Olive oil
Tabasco sauce
12 oz tequila
3 fresh lemons or limes
salt & pepper to taste

* Place fish shallow baking pan
* lightly oil, both sides
* layer with Tabasco sauce
* add salt & pepper to taste
* cut lemons (limes) into quarters
* pour 1 oz of tequila into glass
* grab one fish by tail, swallow
* swallow pre-measured tequila
* bite and suck the citrus
* repeat as necessary