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Re: NFC: Re: Breeder's Club - good news

Amazing today Wright.... I was out at work and found a spring crawling with
"marble mollies" and saw some of the most awesome coloration displays in
sail fin mollies wagging their fins in the sun.  Will be going back there
tomorrow to collect. Should have pictures on my website tomorrow night of
the trip. Looks to be a very good place to collect and have a good time.

Our next ERP trip definitely has to cover there.....

Chris Guppenberger
Research Redneck
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> > Well count me in!!!!!
> >
> > OH and speaking of breeding fish,  the theory of flag fish just breeding
in sand is thrown out the window. I had a nice little clutch of eggs on a
concrete slab in a
> > tank with nothing but water and the slab in it...
> >
> > These guys are laying where ever they want to....
> >
> Hey Chris,
> Go read my article (ancient now) on the NFC web pages about them. That
> theory was blown out of the water years ago. :-)
> Wright
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