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Re: NFC: RE: RE: buyer for exotics

That could happen at any time.  Get the word out that there will be a
general meeting with a exotic fish collecting trip mixed in with a cook out
to follow.  There are people we know that will not step in the mucky mud to
collect, but will come if it's an annual social event.  If we do it this
summer for starters check with me for my good dates I have a bit of military
commitments as does Chris G. .    JiM C.
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> I can see the day when we have an exotic fishing rodeo...and fish fry
> ...and party :)
> >
> > Out of curiosity, I just checked (and answered my own question).
> > There's a
> > badge on Fish & Wildlife Management
> > (http://www.usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb051.html). Among the
> > options,
> > there's: "List the wildlife species in your state that are
> > classified as
> > endangered, threatened, exotic, game species, furbearers, or
> > migratory game
> > birds." I think that's as close it gets to the goal of removing
> > exotics.
> >
> > Chuck
> >
> >
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