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Re: NFC: RE: RE: buyer for exotics

And a good idea it is, so move the decimal point over to the right three
places and make that a $20.00 thought.
 When the river/coastal clean up started in the early 70's, I remember the
small turn out for the "Trash Picking day" well, and some of the folk and/or
their kids who laughed at us then are out there now cleaning the coast and
rivers up.  Every movement starts slow and builds every year.
    Now that's my $0.04 thought (I took your $0.02 and doubled it, that's
how it all starts.) JiM C.
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> You know, if you ERT types, (I live too far north) were looking to find
> help in your efforts, it seems to me you could contact the local Boy/Girl
> Scout troup and ask. It's a great way for the kids to get their badges and
> an even better way to introduce them to nature. You could also check with
> the local Middle & High Schools. Some of their science departments may be
> willing to put on a little field trip.
> Kind of like taking the AAT idea into the field. Just my $.02
> Ty
> It's been years since I was a boy scout...okay, decades..., but we always
> did all kinds of clean up activities. Is there a badge that focuses on
> native fishes? It seems to me that such a badge could incorporate removal
> of
> exotics.
> Out of curiosity, I just checked (and answered my own question). There's a
> badge on Fish & Wildlife Management
> (http://www.usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb051.html). Among the options,
> there's: "List the wildlife species in your state that are classified as
> endangered, threatened, exotic, game species, furbearers, or migratory
> birds." I think that's as close it gets to the goal of removing exotics.
> Chuck