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Re: NFC: RE: RE: buyer for exotics

You know, if you ERT types, (I live too far north) were looking to find
help in your efforts, it seems to me you could contact the local Boy/Girl
Scout troup and ask. It's a great way for the kids to get their badges and
an even better way to introduce them to nature. You could also check with
the local Middle & High Schools. Some of their science departments may be
willing to put on a little field trip.

Kind of like taking the AAT idea into the field. Just my $.02


It's been years since I was a boy scout...okay, decades..., but we always
did all kinds of clean up activities. Is there a badge that focuses on
native fishes? It seems to me that such a badge could incorporate removal

Out of curiosity, I just checked (and answered my own question). There's a
badge on Fish & Wildlife Management
(http://www.usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb051.html). Among the options,
there's: "List the wildlife species in your state that are classified as
endangered, threatened, exotic, game species, furbearers, or migratory game
birds." I think that's as close it gets to the goal of removing exotics.