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Re: NFC: Norther Pike Help Please

Dustin, I would HIGHLY recommend against keeping a Pike in an aquarium.
These fish very quickly outgrow even the largest commercially available
fish tanks. The bass you have will soon be too large for the 45 as well. I
wouldn't keep a Largemouth in anything smaller then a 180 gallon tank and
even that will be too small in a few years.

Instead look to get a Red-Finned or Grass Pickerel. They only grow to 10 -
15 inches and can be kept in a typical aquarium and look and act just like
their larger cousins. There are also alternate fish to the Largemouth, like
Rock Bass or Yellow Perch. Much easier to keep in a standard aquaium.

That said, if you can't be swayed and have the resources to build a large
enough custom tank (measured in the hundreds or thousands of gallons) you
can try this place. They are expensive, though.



My name is Dustin Brittain and a am an avid keeper  of native fish. I
currently have 2 largemouth bass in a 45 gallon aquarium  that are doing
very well. I have been serching the internet for months  looking for a web
site were I could obtain a Northern Pike. After looking  for all this
time, I determind that the NFC web site is the best. Not olny  do i enjoy
keeping native fish, but i also enjoy fishing for them. I  strongly
believe in the conservation of not only our waterways , but the rest of
the land too.

The question I have for you is, how could i obtain  a Northern Pike to keep
as a "pet" to corispond with your conservation efforts,  and what would
need to be done to recive a Pike?

Thank you very much for reading this e-mail.  You can resond to this
e-mail by reaching me at huntalltime at icehouse_net

Once again, thank you for your time.


Dustin Brittain