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Re: NFC: Re: Filterless Aquariums.

You could probably use weight to calculate the difference although I don't
see why you would be concerned about the difference.?
The water quality and oxygen content would be foremost in my mind. But if
idle curiosity is all: then convert the gallons to  weight by multiplying by
8.14 pounds per gallon; weigh the sand or substrate and plants and subtract
from the total pounds of water, then divide by 8.14 to get the difference.

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> Here's something I've been wondering for awhile and Charlie's
> response made me think of it again.
> How much  (on the average) does gravel, plants, etc etc. displace
> the amount of water in a tank?
> Like if you have a 55 gal----is 90% of it is truly water(on the average)?
> Has anyone else ever thought about this?
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