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NFC: Filterless Aquariums.,was Re: NFC AATP....

I agree with James and would add just about any of the fast growing plants
to the mix and  dont forget... Water changes, Water changes and perhaps
maybe ..... Water changes.....!!!!    :O)
Charles A.
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Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 11:05 AM
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> Hi chuck ; I would believe that length would be the best way to approach a
> filterless aquarium. Certainly you would need to have emergent type plants
> such as watersprite or the dwarf variety of water lettuce. They seem to
> assimilate the nutrients more efficiently. I would also use the Malaysian
> live bearer snail to assist in keeping the substrate tuned which helps to
> release gases . Also dwarf crayfish will help keep the algae under
> Hope this has been of some help.
> James