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Re: NFC: AATP....

Hi chuck ; I would believe that length would be the best way to approach a
filterless aquarium. Certainly you would need to have emergent type plants
such as watersprite or the dwarf variety of water lettuce. They seem to
assimilate the nutrients more efficiently. I would also use the Malaysian
live bearer snail to assist in keeping the substrate tuned which helps to
release gases . Also dwarf crayfish will help keep the algae under control.
Hope this has been of some help.

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> > [snip] and I even suggested to him that a filterless
> > aquarium is a positive way to go if the water
> > maintaintence is kept up along with having a lot of native
> > plants growing to help with filtration/water requirements.
> Hmm, that might be an interesting idea to try out next school year. A 75g
> way to big for the classroom I'm working with, though. can a filterless
> setup be managed with something as small as a 20g tank? Would a tall or
> tank be better?
> Thanks!
> Chuck

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