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Re: NFC: AATP....

Tony.... go to the NFC home page.... then click on the E-mail Lists .. after
that you just have to click on archives....
Charles A.
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Subject: Re: NFC: AATP....

> OK, now I wish I had followed the thread on filterless aquariums :)
> Josh, how do I get to the archives?
> That's another point that might be good to bring up on the web site, that
> AAT project sponsors are expected to be reasonably involved with their
> project beyond just presenting a tank and fish that they have been given
> free to a classroom. Maybe one of our current project sponsors could do a
> little writeup on what they have done and how they continue to be involved
> so potential sponsors can get a better idea of the responsibilities. I'm
> sure some picture having to empty their wallets, being pestered by
> on a daily basis, or having to constantly work on the tank. That would
> certainly be a concern of mine if I was unfamiliar with the program.
> Tony
> On Thu, 8 Feb 2001 13:44:18 -0600, Dakota wrote:
> >  All good points Tony... This teacher and I are talking about