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Re: NFC: fish ID needed

Definitely NOT a sculpin, based on:

Deeply indented caudal fin (a sculpin's tail fin is truncate or rounded)
Forward position of the single dorsal fin
Shape of the dorsal fin (relatively short and high - a sculpin's soft dorsal 
is long and low)
Lack of a spiny dorsal fin (present in all sculpins)
The size of the fish (I've never seen a fresh-water sculpin longer than 
about 8" - the fish in the picture looks to be perhaps twice that length)
And on and on ad nauseum...

I believe it's a sucker of some sort, may well be a redhorse, although the 
mottled pattern that this fish displays is very different from the redhorses 
I'm familiar with in the Northwest.

If you're wondering whether the heron could actually swallow a fish of this 
size, the answer is probably yes.  I've seen them swallow carp of at least 
the girth of the fish in the picture, and nearly the same length.  Quite an 
amazing sight.



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>Subject: NFC: fish ID needed
>Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 19:48:37 EST
>Can anyone ID the fish in this picture?  Taken in central Indiana.   <A
>HREF="http://users.anderson.edu/~harbron/birds/heron2.html">Birds of 
>County - Heron & Fish II</A>
>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana

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