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NFC: Fw: URGENT! Please email the Gov about BUCKEYE

Dear friends - We urgently need your help! 
First of all I apologize for duplicate messages if you get more than one of these.
As many of you know the BUCKEYE pulp mill in Perry Florida is one of the worst - if not the worst - pollution problems in Florida.  They discharge more than 50 million gallons per day of dioxin contaminated waste into the Fenholloway River.  They had a permit once upon a time when the Fenholloway River was still classified as an industrial river, but that expired years ago.  BUCKEYE and DEP want to solve this problem by building a pipeline to the Gulf where their waste  would be diluted.  We think a better idea is for BUCKEYE to install readily available and affordable technologies that would clean up their discharge and even make it possible to spread it on land where they grow trees.
EPA in Washington, DC has taken dioxin samples from Buckeye's wastewater, sludge and sediments in the Fenholloway River.  We have succeeded in getting all but one of the reports from these samples.  Dioxin was found in all of these places.  The final data is important because EPA used highly sophisticated techology to detect dioxin at levels that are lower than the paper mills ever test for it.  This is how they always claim their wastewater is NON-DETECT for dioxin, because they stop looking for it at such an extremely high concentration, that you would never find it.
BUCKEYE has been using legal loopholes in federal regs to claim this information is confidential.  EPA has denied BUCKEYE's confidentiality claim, but BUCKEYE can still file a lawsuit to stop EPA from releasing this data.
We want to put pressure on DEP to make BUCKEYE modernize and clean up their pollution, WITHOUT A PIPELINE.  The dioxin data will be helpful to our legal case to make this happen.
Please contact the Governor and/or David Struhs and remind them BUCKEYE is operating on an expired permit and that the dioxin data was paid for by taxpayers and we want that data.  Also let them know that a pipeline to the Gulf is not okay. 
Contact the Governor at: jeb at jeb_gov or call him at 850/488-4441 or write to:  Gov. Jeb Bush, The Capitol, Tallahassee, FL  32399. 
Contact David Struhs at david.struhs at dep_state.fl.us or call him at 850/488-1554 or write to him at:  David Struhs, FDEP, 3900 Commonwealth Blvd., Tallahassee, FL  32399.
Please pass this message on to as many friends and colleagues as possible.  Thank you for your help!!!!  Linda Young