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Re: NFC: Re: Fishy Behaviour

There's a very good reason why so few land animals do... There's so few
land animals.  Higher land animals make up very, very little of the
population....  Now, if you include insects and such, you'll have the bulk
of it, but . . . . . Amphibians frequently eat their own young, though
since the young are in the water, you may not count them as land animals.
The big evolutionary step that is included here is that many of th e
higher land animals have learned to make ebtter nests.  Reptiles bury
their eggs, and assume no one will find them there.  If there's emminent
danger, they just won't lay the eggs.  Unfortunatley, animals do still
find the nest. :)  Birds are, mostly, incapable of eating their young, but
do frequently just abandon them.  Many of the mammals I reckon you're
thinking of are herbivores, but a quick look at carniovres and omnivores
will show lots of euthenasia.  Ever have a hamster hvae babies when you
were a kid?  First thing you did when Ma Hamster would let you was pet
some of the babies.  Yep, sure enough, Ma ate them.  


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On Fri, 2 Feb 2001 Ty_Hall at eFunds_Com wrote:

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> I believe that is a very rare occurance. (could be wrong)
> Ty
> > Very few land dwelling species eat their own young and I am not
> > aware of any that do it to the degree that fish do.
> Lions do.  At least the males of the species anyway.  You think HUMAN males
> think with their genitals... male lions will eat the young lions to cause
> the female to come into heat again.