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Re: NFC: Re: Fishy Behaviour

Good point Doug. I'd give you .04 for it!  I wasn't sure if it was more
predominant in captivity or not. I guess I should have assumed it was.


Ty Hall wrote (in part):

>>  If your eggs have to compete with someone else's
>>  then yes, there could be a competitive advantage
>>  to be had. But if you have evolved properly (yeah
>>  right) then your breeding should be timed such that
>>  it gives your prodigy every opportunity possible,
>>  free from competition, environmental dangers and
>>  predation. I can understand that if the conditions are
>>  not favorable to the eggs hatching then yeah, chow
>>  down. Why waste them?

I think we have to assume that critters DO "evolve properly", and if there
are behaviors /characteristics of them that seem counter-intuitive to us,
then it's almost certainly the case that the fault is ours, in that we
don't fully  understand all of the circumstances of that critter's
environmental niche. lifestyle, competition, etc.

But, that said, it's only in an artificial aquarium environment that an
adult fish is necessarily in close proximity to it's own eggs for an
extended period of time and other "round the clock snacking possibilities"
are so limited. So this is a behavior that's probably a lot more common in
captivity than in the wild.


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL