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Re: NFC: Re: Fishy Behaviour

Interesting, but, correct me if I am wrong, not all fish breed at the same
time, in a natural environment. If your eggs have to compete with someone
else's then yes, there could be a competitive advantage to be had. But if
you have evolved properly (yeah right) then your breeding should be timed
such that it gives your prodigy every opportunity possible, free from
competition, environmental dangers and predation. I can understand that if
the conditions are not favorable to the eggs hatching then yeah, chow down.
Why waste them? But under normal circumstances eating the eggs still seems
counter productive and even a stupid fish should realize that.

I'm not a scientist or biologist, just a guy that likes fish (ahuh ahuh),
so I may be over simplifying things.


One notion I haven't noticed here is the competitive advantage of eating
every egg possible.

In addition to extra nutrition, the eggs are highly unlikely to be from the
one doing the eating, if the fish are not highly territorial in the first

Brood-guarding fish like Cichlids and Bettas often eat their own spawns
conditions are bad, to conserve the energy. Egg scatterers, like tetras,
reduce competition for their own genes by always eating others' eggs.