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Re: NFC: Brown Bumblebee Cat was Data Base of Fish

Are they orange between the brown?  If so, they're what's usually sold as
a bumble bee cat, a moderately sized catfish from asia (I think) that gets
to about 8", and has a BIIIIG appetite. :)


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> Subject: NFC: Brown Bumblebee Cat was Data Base of Fish
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> Anybody ever heard of a catfish the LFS is calling a "Brown Bumblebee Cat"?  
> It doesn't match the pictures I've found here and elsewhere.  The BBC in 
> pictures looks more like a Synodontis (sp?) cat while this one looks much 
> more like a bullhead or madtom.  The LFS doesn't know - the distributor 
> offered them and they like to occasionally try the unusual.  Looks like a 
> small catfish - 1 1/2 inches, alternating dark and middle brown bands.  May 
> have to try a couple out.  Thanks
> Jack Lehman, Austin TX  
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