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Re: NFC: Breeder's Club

In a message dated 1/29/01 5:47:04 PM Central Standard Time, 
robertrice at juno_com writes:

> I just bought 20 shiners from Garold pottern (NC Species) for the
>  Breeders club should be some Nice stuff. I also have 50 dollar sunfish
>  coming in again the bulk of them will be for you breeders club guys to
>  distribute or  auction whatever you see fit. I also have some melanistic
>  fundulus chrysotus Id be willing to loan to a SERIOUS breeder in the
>  spring and catch some babies on the rebound...and finally If the breeders
>  club shows some growth , life histories etc we have been approached by
>  marineland as a potential  sponsor. They would be willing to supply
>  equipment for the serious life history type of NFC breeder wich would
>  make the breeders program even more fun :)
I would be interested in some of the Dollars.  They're supposed to be local 
here, but I can never tell if what is have is Dollar, or juvenile something 
else.  All I have to do is convince my wife I need yet another tank.  
snicker, snicker.

Jack Lehman, Austin TX  
Don't sweat the petty things,
and don't pet the sweaty things