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NFC: AAT update

Hi folks, 

I spoke to teacher in whose classroom the AAT tank is setup. She is
excited about the new tank from Marineland. We plan to set that up
sometime on a weekend in March. 

For some news about the tank at Barrington Montessori School:

One six-year old, David, has now taken up the responsibility of
maintaining the tank under the supervision of the teacher. He is very
careful and gentle with the tank and its inmates.

He carefully wipes down the insides of the tank with a long-handled
scrubber. David then slowly dips out a cupful of tank water into a bucket
at a time (He hasn't been told about siphoning since that would not be
safe). If the bucket has enough water (not more than he can lift), then
the water is emptied into the low sink. This process is repeated until
about a third of the water is removed. The water is then replaced with
clean water to which the teacher adds dechlor. Again, David uses a cup to
transfer the clean water to the tank. He is careful not to dump the water
directly into the tank but he dribbles it down the side.

David is very proud of the tank. He is also the official caretaker of the
classroom's terrestrial plants. He was wondering when I would come back so
he can show off the tank that he has kept so neat and clean. Some of his
friends, Lei-Lei and others, are intrigued by the fish tank and sometimes
help David out. 

Kray the crayfish had recently turned lethargic and took to retiring in
the corners or under the sponge filter. The children were speculating that
either Kray was sick or not feeling well or was having babies. It turned
out that Kray was preparing a whole new skin for itself. Earlier this
year, Kray shed it's old skin and is now bigger than before. It is proudly
displaying his new "threads".

The tank is fed flakes and occasionally some frozen peas. The SRB Dace
snatch the peas in mid-water and never let any go down to Kray. The kids
are feeding Kray by putting some food in the corners or inside the plastic

Amazing how carefully and gently they teach the kids in a Montessori
School. I would want my soon-to-be-born kid to go to one and never to any
other type of school.

Hey, does anyone have a color printer who can make me a little certificate
for David from the NFC? Don't make one yet. I'll find out from the teacher
what she wants (one for David or one for the entire class). Let me know,

btw, RR, I just sent in my $10 for 2001 membership fees via the NFC
website. Would you please note that in your records? Thanks.