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Re: NFC: 10g Office Tank

Joe ("stonecreeklock at webtv_net") wrote: 

>>   Hi Chuck, just to register my pick for your 
>>  10 gal office tank ,Heterandia formosa!!!  
>>  I flnd myself mesmerized by my 10 gal 
>>  planted colony. If I've not completely 
>>  inspired you, go to our articles. re-read
>>  " The Littlest Livebearer", and fall in love 
>>  all over again.

Two basic approaches with a 10-gal tank for the office... just a couple of largish fish, or a bunch of little guys in a "bonsai" model where everything fits together as almost a scaled-down miniature. I lean towards the later.

I concur that Heter make a great small tank, whenever I have fish (some of us go through phases) I always have a Heter tank. It's not in my office, but I have a 10 in the fish room now with 30 or so in, and they really are captivating little fish with neat mannerisms .... and they breed with no effort at all, too. 

Another fish I just recently acquired for the first time that might give the Heter a run for their money is Leptolucania ommata, the pygmy killifish. It's a placid little thing about the same size as the Heter, also predominantly golden colored in the aquarium, but with a big (that's relative) eye-spot on the rear end of the fish that gives it the appearance of being double-headed. I'd heard they pretty much stay hidden in cover all the time, but mine don't.  30 of these in a tank is very nice effect, too. 

I have not mixed the Heters and the Leptos., , but I'd be very surprised if these two weren't very compatible.

Most bluefin killies (Lucania goodei) are probably sized nicely for a 10, but my (limited) experience has been they're skittish and a bit unnatural acting in a small tank. 

Of course, lots of kinds of juvenile fish would work out size-wise, if there was a plan/capacity to rotate 'em back to the fishroom/house when they start to get bigger. 

(In exchange for all this free advice, did we mention we expect web pictures sometime in the future? Yeah, that's the deal.)


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL