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Re: NFC: cories?

Scott Goett wrote: 

>>  I am in Broward country now.  If you can 
> > send me directions or a location really 
>>  soon I may stop there on my way back 
>> to gainesville and give my new net a try 
>> and try to find me some.

Well, Mr. Guided-Fish-Missile, I'm at the office right now and don't have my map handy to (refresh my memory and) give you an instant answer, but do you have a DeLorme Florida Gazetteer to follow along or will I be needing to spell out everything in detail?  (Unpaved roads are involved, and they're washboardy but they're county-maintained, since there's' a std. concrete boat ramp etc at the end.)

Of course ... if you were just haaaaaaanging around down there in Broward with nuthin' useful to do, you could go out collecting more than once. And if you're really focusing on bringing back some of these trophy "exo-cats", you actually might need to do that ... they're weren't exactly plentiful when we were there, we probably came really close to landing 1.0 per man-hour. But when Chris had been there before, he apparently got 30 or 40 in 10 minutes or less, so there's clearly MoN* involved, YMMV. 

And if you do have the later kind of success, plan on bringing back a dozen or so more than you personally want to keep, please  I'd take a couple myself, and by random strange chance the USGS "Nonindigenous Aquatic Species" people are located here in Gainesville, we could maybe take some over and see what they thought of 'em ... I suspect they'd be interested, since I'm not sure these little guys are in their database yet.  (Heh, we might even get little gold stars for our foreheads and spiffy paper badges proclaiming us as official "Honorary Junior USGS Scientists." That doesn't happen every day. At least, not to me.)

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL

* Mysteries of Nature.