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Re: NFC: 10g Office Tank

one of my favorite groups for a 10g is a couple of
Flagfish, in a heavily planted tank they are great and
fascinating(to me).

Another candidate would be the everglades pygmy
sunfish, more little jewels.
--- chuckmiro <chuckmiro at wdn_com> wrote:
> I have a 10g tank in my office. Right now, I've got
> a couple of eastern
> mudminnows and a bunch of White Clouds. If I got rid
> of the minnows, what
> other natives would be suitable for a 10g?
> I think it'd be neat to have a breeding population
> of something? Should I
> get more mudminnows (I think I've got two of the
> same sex right now), or
> something else?
> Thanks!
> Chuck/Washington, DC

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