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Re: Hoplosternum pectorale (was: NFC: cories?)

I do believe you are right ... its littorale that
grows big and relatively colorless... pectorale is a
four inch fish ...my bad... 

check this out about hoplos in your area:

> Well, maybe ... that's not a fish with which I'm
> familiar. But it's not listed on the USGS "exotics"
> site at all .... and that site includes a number of
> "one time finds" that have never (yet) been proven
> to have established feral populations ... so is
> there some reason to believe (other than tentative
> ID by web-sized photo) that this particular species
> is in fact running around in the wild down here?
> (FYI, the only hoplo cat listed is Hoplosternum
> littorale. The "famous exo-cats" I had didn't look
> too much like the 2 photos of H. littorale there,
> but mine were juvies and that can make it tough for
> me to "positively" ID mystery fish from pictures and
> written descriptions.)                              
> Doug Dame
> Interlachen FL
> --------------------------------------------------
> * Asst. to the Asst. to the BucketBoy
> * Central Florida(Titusville) E.R.T.

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