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Re: Hoplosternum pectorale (was: NFC: cories?)

sege7_2000 at yahoo_com wrote: 

>>  I do believe the species you all collected 
>>  was Hoplosternum pectorale.  Its definitely 
>>  a hoplo cat. and this one is the plainest and 
>>  the biggest of the bunch.

Well, maybe ... that's not a fish with which I'm familiar. But it's not listed on the USGS "exotics" site at all .... and that site includes a number of "one time finds" that have never (yet) been proven to have established feral populations ... so is there some reason to believe (other than tentative ID by web-sized photo) that this particular species is in fact running around in the wild down here?

(FYI, the only hoplo cat listed is Hoplosternum littorale. The "famous exo-cats" I had didn't look too much like the 2 photos of H. littorale there, but mine were juvies and that can make it tough for me to "positively" ID mystery fish from pictures and written descriptions.)                               

Doug Dame
Interlachen FL
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