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Re: NFC: Re: Slender Madtom Feeding

Mine must just be picky then, cause those are the exact foods I have been
trying to feed him. I feed him some cocktail shrimp last night and he
seemed to like them. I think I'll hit the bait shop tonight and get some
red worms and grubs. He should eat those.

Tip for you....I had the same problem with my Bluegills eating the food
before it got to the Catfish. What I did was grab an extra piece of clear
tubing. I place it in the water with the other end near the Catfish. Now I
can drop food in and watch it sink down to him. Once it's there I remove
the tube.  Works like a charm.


What WON'T they eat.  Mine eats sinking pellets and what was formerly known
as "Tetra Bits".  For a treat I'll chop up frozen shrimp (the kind that we
humans eat).  In the warmer months I get little wriggling worms from under
the warm steamy leaves on the ground and they love those, though I have to
stuff the sunfishes first to get any worms down to the bottom of the tank.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> I feed my Noturus exilis (slender madtoms) stick food, freeze dried
> plankton and freeze dried bloodworms.  Most catfishes cannot resist
> bloodworms
> Mark
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