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Re: NFC: Re: Florida Flag Fish

I added 5 female FFF to the tank last night. (My LFS didn't have any males)
Thet Madtom nipped at them if they got right in his face but otherwise
seemed oblivious to them. All are doing fine this am.

I agree with your comments on the Madtom. This is one of the most comical
fish I have ever seen. He sleeps on his side and I have even found him in a
corner standing on his head. Sometimes he scares the snot out of me because
he looks dead. He is also a very freindly fish. If you put your hand in the
tank he comes up and kind of nuzzles it. The only problem I am having with
his is feeding him. So far he has not shown much of an interest in any of
the pellets I've given him. He loves crushed snails, but I'd like to give
him more to eat then that. Anyone have any suggestions?


I have a slender madtom and he's a pussycat.  I wouldn't worry about it.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> I am thinking of getting one or two of these to put into a 20L I have set
> up. The only other fish in the tank is a Slender Madtom. Will the FFF get
> along with the Madtom? If yes,how many FFF would be comfortable in a 20L?
> Any sex preferences? All Male? All Female? 1 to 2? 2 to 1? etc.
> Ty