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Re: NFC: light bulbs and tannins

You can read the krib site put together by erik olsen....you can join the
aga email group about plants at actwin.com and read their archives.   You
can read Dan Quackenbush's three part series on a successful plant tank
...its all out there on the web. the snipping at the plant list  gets a lot
worse than it does here and if have trouble sorting out the difference
between opinions and facts it might not be the group for you.   I would look
up the specific urls where the articles are on the krib but its almost 2 am
and I am tired and I have to work tomorrow.  A simple search will get you
there and you can read to your hearts content for several "daze."  There is
a comparison between different types of lighting and a cost comparison
between t-8s and t-12s and other forms of lighting.      Although t-12s are
larger diameter bulbs than t-8s less light reaches the water because the
bulbs get in the way ... and to the people at the AGA convention their
phosphors arent superior to t-12s. T-12s certainly work ... they just arent
as bright as t-8s and are more expensive to run.  I found a transformer at
home depot that will run four t-8 bulbs for under $30. Both the ge and
phillips t-8 bulbs are under $3.

If you all want more specifics then email me and I will look tomorrow when I
am in a better frame of mind.

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> Where is a good cheap place to find out what all this T-12, T-8 and
> 4100 K stuff means?

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