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NFC: Majordomo vs. ListBot, Egroups, et al.

Hey Everyone.

RR jumped the gun a bit.  We had been discussing the idea of moving the
list off of Actwin to a nonmajordomo server.  I've gotten a lot of
different feedback since the initial post about the idea, and it mostly
reconfirms exactly what I had in mind.  Right now:
   We will NOT, now or ever, move to an online message board.  BBS died
for a reason -- its a pain in the butt to have to go somewhere and get
your messages.  An e-mail list is nice, because it arrives in your
e-mail.  Anything else is a newsgroup, and we all know where those go.
   We do need to move forward.  Majordomo is an old program that's
starting to pass its time.  For every e-mail you all see, I probably get
about five to ten in my mailbox.  I'm not kidding or exagerating -- ask
RR, Klaus Shoening, or anyone else who's done fill-in duty.  There is
ALWAYS an address on the list where someone's servers down or lagging,
they canceled their service and didn't unsub, etc. etc.  This is a
hassel for me, though I don't mind it. :)  However, future admin. for
the list would find much difficulty in this.   Majordomo cannot easily
link to a web page for unsubscribe/subscribe messages.  It can be done
with forms or CGI, but there are inherant risks.  
   For the moment, I'm happy with Majordomo, but am looking for means to
fix the following issues:  
1:  Get something where subscribing, unsubscribing is easy.
2:  Make the archive searching a little easier, something like Egroups
3:  Add an option for people to just read/post as a bulletin board type
mesasge, for those who do like Egroups/ListBot/etc. 
4:  Cut down on my own private e-mail.

The most important of these is number one, and we're presently looking
for ways to do it without having to work Majordomo commands.