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Re: NFC: light bulbs and tannins

George Davis wrote:
>     I too have had problems with LOA dying.  I would not buy another one nor
> use it if you gave it to me.
>                     George

Thanks George,

It's nice to know it isn't just me. LOA makes some fine, inexpensive stuff.
The dual 40W shop lights aren't them.

For a really, true rip-off, buy some of those twisty CFs! They have no lamp
socket, so you have to throw ballast, screw base and all away, when they
blacken and die at somewhat less lifetime than a typical incandescent bulb.

The twisty corkscrew design makes them more compact, but the amount of
restrike light skyrockets, so the efficiency is way lower than any biax
straight u-tube lamp, particularly in any reflector lamp housing.


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