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Re: NFC: listbot or egroups...

CEFCHURCH at aol_com wrote:
> Wright:
> I belong to several E-Groups lists.  Based on what you stated below, do you
> suggest I change the setting to say I can not receive HTML?
Not from what I know, right now, unless you are using a mission-critical
computer or Outlook. I haven't blocked it in mine, anyway.

My confuser is my entire business machine, so I have no desire for it to be
down while I reformat and start over. Even with my own firewall and
anti-virus stuff, I still take more risks than I probably should, hence I
try to foist off some of the security protection to the lists if I can get
away with it. :-) [I don't actually think the paranoids are out to get me,
BTW. ;-)]

HTML e-mail has a potential for introducing self-opening executables, but
I'm not aware of viruses using it right now, except maybe through the gaping
security holes in Outlook.

My most serious objection to MIME and HTML is for those of us who may have
to access e-mail from Unix (Eunuchs?) machines, such as university servers,
that cannot understand any PC/MAC-specific codes. The resultant mess is just
a super pain to read. [To see what they look like to a Pine reader, use the
"View Source" function in IE or Netscrape some time.]

A whole list full of that encoding is enough to render the list useless. I
just think list propagators should be aware that there is a possible
problem, and that it is one factor that should be considered when setting up
any list.

My personal preference is to not deal with either web-based mail or chat
rooms. I like e-mail delivered to my box that I can read when I want, trash,
store where needed, and otherwise manipulate the way I like. Plain text
ASCII carries about 99.9% of the *information* content, which is why *I*
read mail. YMMV.

I do like a list that keeps a permanent archive that I can search. That
beats all of us having to store it all on hundreds of machines. From lists,
I also prefer to use a link to a web page to view a picture or complex
document, and not have them delivered as attachments into my machine, which
really wastes bandwidth.


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