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RE: NFC: listbot or egroups...

It is very easy. It is done the same way that you save any image or
document. You right click on the image or document title and then save it
whereever you want. All of the documents are sorted into folders for ease
of access. when you create a document on the system, you select the folder
it goes into. We could have a General Folder and then some folders for
specific areas of interest, like Plants, or Ponds, or the BAP, or AATP,
etc.  It's very easy to use. There are also sections for Announcements, a
Calender, Local Weather and Web Links.

I have set up a basic page and if anyone wants to see what it looks like
send me an e-mail, off-list and I'll send you an invitation to the site.
Then you can look at it and tell me what you think. You have to be invited
or you cannot access the site.


Hey Ty
When using the "Intranet Way" and I find a message / Graphic that I would
like to import and save on my computer can it be done and just how easy is
it.  Also can messages be sort by subject line or some way to group by
?  some times I want to save messages /graphic for future reference on my
computer, i.e.: compile my own data base for easy access.