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NFC: Fw: salvinia notes

a lil salvinia discussion I was having with the Jim WIlliams crowd
,,...thought the list members would like to see it and to let list
members know We wont allow salvinia as an auction or trade item from now

Robert Rice NFC  President
Save those Fishes,  Join the Native Fish Conservancy

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Hi Robert, 
Jim's got it, both members of the genus Salvinia, Salvinia molesta as
as Salvinia minima (sometimes called Salvinia rotundifolia) are
to North America. 

Our study enitled "The adventive status of Salvinia minima and S. molesta

in the southern United States and the related distribution of the weevil 
Cyrtobagous salviniae" is due out in the June 2001 issue of Castanea 
66(2), authors C. Jacono, T. Davern and T. Center.  We report the first 
collection of S. minima in North America from the St. Johns River, FL in 
1930. We mapped the likely sites of its inroduction and its subsequent 
range expansion to the present.  Through our field studies, we found the 
salvinia weevil, Cyrtobagous salviniae, occurring widely on S. minima in
Florida but did not find it to be established in other states.  The 
salvinia weevil was accidentally introduced to Florida before 1960. We 
believe that this weevil likely accounts for the reduced aggressiveness
of S. minima in Florida as compared to its troublesome growth in Texas
and Louisiana. 
However, it does not appear to be eliminating S. minima, at least to the 
extent that has been reported for S. molesta in Australia, South Africa 
and other countires. 

It's not really known why weevils transferred from Florida don't appear
have much of an appetitie for S. molesta.  Could be that the weevil in 
Florida is a bit different from that introduced as a biocontrol agent in 
other countries. Researchers at USDA-ARS are working on importing the 
salvinia weevil directly from Australia for experimentation on S. molesta

in the US. 

hope this helps, 

Colette C. Jacono
U.S. Geological Survey
7920 NW 71st St.
Gainesville, FL  32653

James D Williams
01/16/2001 09:15 PM

        To:     robertrice at juno_com
        cc:     Colette Jacono/BRD/USGS/DOI@USGS
        Subject:        Re: final draft new flier

Happy New Year!  The new Flier looks great! - -  however there is a 
factual error that should be corrected if its not too late.  In the story

"Exotic Problem" on page 4  - -  there is no Salvinia native to the US. 
Turns out both species are introduced.  You should contact Colette Jacono

in our Lab for details as she has done most of the work on the Salvinia 

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James D. Williams
U.S. Geological Survey
Florida Caribbean Science Center
7920 NW 71st Street

        Subject:        final draft new flier