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Re: NFC: PoP Eye help

jake levi wrote:

> Hi Stephen
> 'Popeye' is as much a symptom as a of conditions as a
> result of disease.As you state, a number of varied
> causes.

> One thing to keep in mind is that
> now you have little or no biofiltration going on so
> you need to increase your mechanical filtration as
> well as water changes.It will take two months or more
> before you can count on effective biofiltration again
> in this tank.

    explain this to me...  where did it go?  were the bugs wiped out by
the tetracycline?
If I had known that, i never would have used it...

> I have found 'popeye' to be of no contagion so follow
> a
> routine of draconian water changes when it occurs and
> if the infected fish doesnot clear it up in a month I
> have euthanised them.

   Excuse my lack of vernacular here,  what do you mean by Draconian?
extreme? frequent?

thanks, your imput has added to my knowledge base


                              Stephen Di Cerbo
                          stephen at stormtree_com

       " Here comes the trout that must be caught with tickling. "

                           - William Shakespeare -