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Re: NFC: Marineland Sposors the NFC !!!

That is a great idea Jack. 
Any good pics of the school tanks out there?
Any good ones on recognizeable endangereds?
--- Lehmanwell at aol_com wrote:
> I< On 16 Jan 2001, at 12:52, robertrice at juno_com
> wrote:
>  > Hey guys we have been approached by marineland
> manufacturung who does the
>  > bio wheels and eclipse hood/filter units and they
> want to sponsor 150
>  > Adopt A tanks next year they will send the
> equipment we run the adopt a
>  > tanks :)  >>
> Give the gift that keeps on giving
> (the next line is usually - give a pregnant cat!)
> We need to be sure to give Marineland back
> something, such as your best 
> pictures of your best AATP tanks full of natives,
> with rights to use.  Then 
> if and when they use them in an ad, NFC gets more
> free publicity.  Every 
> little bit helps.
> Jack
> Austin

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