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NFC: PoP Eye help

  OK,  its time to defer to the experts......

     My last understanding of the affliction of Pop eye, is that it is
generic type term that applies to a couple of different fish
afflictions, one of of which  is from an excess of nitrogen in the
water.  The Brown trout in the upper reaches of the Bighorn River  are
sometimes affected by this....

      But back home, in my  90 gallon tank, I am afraid that I had been
lax on cleaning the gravel for quite a while, and a break down in
filtration lead to a build up of organic waste......   resulting in
nitrates/nitrites/ammonia/nitrogen, I don't know what in the tank....

   My big largemouth slowly developed bulging eyes, and subsequently,
and to a lesser degree, so did recent arrivals of a second largemouth
and a bluegill....   so the affliction is most certainly from the water
chemistry, and is universal....    I have never had much luck getting
clear nitrate or nitrite reading, but an ammonia treatment and instant
reading warning indicator say that ammonia isn't the culprit...

   Next the frustration part....   diagnosing this stuff....   surfing
around, looking for a good, comprehensive disease diagnostics
site....   most are lacking and incomplete, and many are just copies of
the others....

   The only real thing I found is one site that indicated
"Corneybacteriosis", caused by excess of ammonia or nitrates....
personally, I don't get the connection....   the name indicates a
bacterial infection, the water chemistry thing indicates a chemical
imbalance....  is something missing?  another bad site info?

 It recommended Penicillin or tetracycline treatment,  and so  I

Tetracycline...  five days later and more than 20 bucks lighter in the
wallet, I had a tank of 90 gallons of extremely dark red discolored
water,  no indication of any effect on the pop eye , and another big
mess to clean up....   (oh, I spent 3 days cleaning the gravel with a
vacuum, and it must be reasonably clean at this point....

    Only result, the big bass seemed to be looking worse for the
wear...    replaced a large portion of the  water, and recleaned filter
and new charcoal, and the water is now only moderately red.  Although
this is a neat effect for the tank, I am concerned about getting the
fish treated without spending a fortune in over medicating them..

    Does anyone have any insight to this form of pop eye, and reversing
the effects on the fish?  does anyone know of of a real complete and
definitive disease diagnostic sight  which is better than the usual
truck out there?


  thanks in advance

                              Stephen Di Cerbo
                          stephen at stormtree_com

       " Here comes the trout that must be caught with tickling. "

                           - William Shakespeare -