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Re: NFC: Marineland Sposors the NFC !!!

Works for awhile but when they die...they die.

Gary Rollwage
Arlington, Tx.

>From: "Larry Needham" <LBN at satx_rr.com>
>Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com
>To: <nfc at actwin_com>
>Subject: Re: NFC: Marineland Sposors the NFC !!!
>Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 16:40:18 -0600
> > [I even believe in bio-wheels, tho my old ones have long-since quit
> > rotating.]
> >
> > Wright
>This is easily fixed with WD-40 :)
>Try pulling the wheel off it's rack and just wipe all the parts clean and
>maybe run all the parts under hot water.  Worked for mine anyway.

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