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RE: NFC: Marineland Sposors the NFC !!!

> jake levi wrote:
> >
> > They make pretty good stuff too, that will give me a
> > little bias the next time I need something in their
> > line.
> Wright Huntley wrote:
> My sentiments, exactly. Do they have a web page where we can
> locate local
> dealers? I'm all for supporting that kind of vendor.
> [I even believe in bio-wheels, tho my old ones have long-since quit
> rotating.]

Yeah, I tend to stick with either Marineland filters (bio-wheels, Magnums)
or Hagen filters (AquaClear).

Marineland's website address is http://petsforum.com/marineland/. For those
who might not be familiar with the Bio-Wheel, there's a technical reference
article at http://petsforum.com/marineland/MLB002.htm. They're a pretty good
company. I've heard that they've got a good customer-service reputation.