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NFC: NFC Breeder's Program

NFC Breeder's Program:
   A quick update on the Breeder's Program.  Robert Rice has recently asked for 
some help in re-energizing the program.  I was interested in being of some 
help, and before I knew it, he had asked me to chair the effort.  That was even 
before discussing the salary.... of zero.  Well I must have had a bad day 
because I said yes.  He also had been talking to Ryan Deal and has had him sign 
up to help.  Ryan has been contacting previous breeders to find out if they are 
still in the program.  We will work toward organizing the responses.
   As I see it, the goal of the Breeder's Program is to get native fish into 
the hands of breeders to increase stock for distribution to other aquarists, to 
develop life histories and breeding information to aid other breeders, and 
hopefully to keep stocks of rare fish for possible restocking.  All of this 
within state laws for rare, endangered or game fish.
   We have a small core of existing breeders, but cetainly want to expand it 
greatly.  In the past, the Program would distribute native fish to breeders to 
get the program moving.  That can and will continue, but the auctions are now a 
way to get fish into the hands of breeders.  Successful spawns can go to the 
auction to further support the breeders and the NFC.  We certainly want to get 
breeding reports of both successes and failures.  I would hope that we could 
find some standardized form that would make reporting easy.  Hopefully could be 
done online or easily emailed.  We would also hopefully develop some system of 
reward and recognition for spawning, reporting, and distributing the results 
and fish.
    Well, that is enough for one post.  We certainly need your help to get this 
project going.  Please send in suggestions or requests.  Thanks,

                                 George Davis
                                 Wilmington, DE
                                 gwd at magpage_com