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NFC: restocking Whiter River debate, fish killed by "Wild Turkey" whiskey, more

Debate surrounds effort to restock White River

Some experts warn against pitfalls involved in using hatchery fish; others 
even advocate no restocking at all.
...........But shortly after the White River incident, a fire at a Wild 
Turkey distillery in Kentucky caused about 17,000 gallons of bourbon to spill 
into the Kentucky River near Frankfort.

The seven-mile slug of booze robbed the river of oxygen, killing just about 
everything in it over a 66-mile stretch, including an estimated 228,000 fish.

HREF="http://www.starnews.com/news/articles/restock0115.html">Starnews.com | 
News</A> http://www.starnews.com/news/articles/restock0115.html
Restocking brings emotional release

Some of the workers who hauled dead fish from river eagerly join 
revitalization effort.

Day after day, week after week, James Miller went to White River to haul out 
dead fish.

Sometimes he walked the river, netting the carcasses. In other places, the 
river was so shallow he could drive a truck down the riverbed and pick them 

Once, his boat was so full of rotting fish that perished during last winter's 
White River fish kill that it sank.

link to full article:   <A 
Starnews.com | News</A>

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA