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Re: NFC: Re: Tadpole Madtoms (was Re: hello? is anyone there/here?)

"James R. Madej" wrote:
> I am interested in Madtoms but have no experience with them.I am also trying
> to spawn Cory's but have had very little success. I have adolfi',pandas, and
> orange neon Cory's as well as a smathering of endlers,ameca
> splendins,Blackbanded sunfish, and pygmy's.

Corys can be pretty tricky, particularly since most of the ones you mention
tend to come in as wild collections and have no history of tank breeding.
Wild fish always tend to be way more difficult.

Try working with species that have been in domestic production for a long
time, like *C. paleatus* or *aeneus* to get your techniques polished. Then
recognize that wild fish are highly seasonal. You must aim conditioning and
water shocks to the Feb., Mar. natural breeding time (or whenever it is for
your particular species). It always amazed me that an equatorial fish even
knew what time of year it is, when moved to a temperate zone.

For Madtoms, look at how Peacock Gudgeons are bred for general guidelines,
and know your collection location, so you can provide appropriate
temperature for them. [Free advice from one who has never done it, is worth
every penny! All I know I recently gleaned from Bob Goldstein's new
_American Aquarium Fishes_ book.]


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