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Re: NFC: Another Filter/Aquarium Question

Well...right...uh...I'm going to drill a hole in my tank.  I want it to be
as high up as possible.  The reason I related this concern to the elbow
diameter is so I wouldn't put the hole too high.  If I'm pumping 500
gallons/hr into a 170 gallon tank, a 1 inch elbow will allow 500 gallons/hr
to fall back into the wet / dry filter.  However, the water does not fall
instantaneously...because of the viscosity of water the water level in the
tank will probably be 1/4 inch... 1/2 inch... maybe more above the top of
the elbow opening.  I guess what I'm trying to find out is how high does the
water level stay above a 1" inch opening when pumping typical amounts of
water back into the tank.  If I put the opening of the elbow flush with the
top of the tank I will have overflow.  If I put it 1/2 inch below the top of
the tank...I might still have over flow.  I want a good 1/2" - 3/4" to spare
at the top of the tank above the max water height.  Say I want 3/4 inch, and
the water level stays 1/4" above the opening of the elbow...then I need to
put the opening of the elbow 1" below the top of the tank.

That's an incredibly terrible way to simply ask how much higher is the water
level in a typical wet / dry setup with a 1" return line when the pump is
running as opposed to when it is not?

I just want to make sure 1 inch tubing is adequate, and to drill my hole in
the right spot...the first time.  I'll of course have some leeway by being
able to trim the elbow back or put an extension inside it...but I want it to
look as professionally done as possible.

Thanks for the input...Joshua too!

> If you put it midlevel you stand a chance of coming
> home someday and finding half the water from the tank
> on the floor, failures happen. Put the elbow at the
> level you want the water to be. If you want to play it
> safe you could go a half inch over what your pump
> outlet is.

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