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Re: NFC: Another Filter/Aquarium Question


I think more accurate would be moving the water through six times per HOUR.
:-)  Big filters are your friend.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
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> That depends on what size pump that you want to use,
> and how much water that you want to move. You usually
> want to move at least six times the volume of your
> tank per day. As a minimum. Most try for 1-2 changes
> per hour and use a corresponding size pump. If, the
> tubing is too small dia for the pump you will get
> backpressure
> which will wear the pump out much quicker then it
> should.
> If you look at the outlets of the pump you are
> considering you will readily tell what size tubing
> that you should use for that pump. So, look at how
> much water you want to turn over, find a pump that
> will do it that you are happy with and see what its
> inlet and outlet measurements are. Most pumps listed
> in catalogs
> have the measurements listed.
> jake
> --- Larry Needham <LBN at satx_rr.com> wrote:
> > What size tubing to most of you with bigger tanks
> > have going from the tank
> > to the Wet / Dry filter?  How big is the opening for
> > where the water
> > escapes?
> >
> > Is an inch too small for 170 Gallon tank?
> >
> > Larry
> >
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