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Re: NFC: plant filtering capabilities

Sajjad Lateef wrote:
>         I didn't know that, Klaus.
>         It usually goes into my earthworm colony sytrofoam. Hey, food and
> water at the same time for the worms. Yep, the Salvinia quickly forms a
> mat on the water surface. Very pretty when seen from eye-level.

Just as we are careful with removed exotic fish, plants can be a big problem
if not properly contained. We should use good judgement on how we dispose of
*anything* from our aquaria. You should see the clogged Sacramento Delta
where Water Hyacinth took over!

One reason fish and snails shouldn't be released -- even into their native
waters -- is that we expose them to tropical fish that often are resistant
to (but carry) diseases that our natives can't handle. As many of us know,
even the pros screw it up once in a while. We shouldn't do it on our own.


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