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Re: NFC: Another Filter/Aquarium Question

I'm talking about the other end of the wet / dry.  The pipe that the water
falls into and is gravity fed to the filter.  I have a Rio 3100 (500-600 gph
range at 5 feet) and want to make sure I don't put my collector too far or
too close to the top of the tank.  I will soon be cutting a whole in my
plexiglass with the appropriate diameter for my piping that I'll hook a 90
degree elbow to inside the tank.  I want to make sure I put the hole close
to where it needs to be.  I'd rather not have to put it mid tank and just
run pipe up vetically from it just to see how high the opening level should


> That depends on what size pump that you want to use,
> and how much water that you want to move. You usually
> want to move at least six times the volume of your
> tank per day. As a minimum. Most try for 1-2 changes
> per hour and use a corresponding size pump. If, the
> tubing is too small dia for the pump you will get
> backpressure
> which will wear the pump out much quicker then it
> should.
> If you look at the outlets of the pump you are
> considering you will readily tell what size tubing
> that you should use for that pump. So, look at how
> much water you want to turn over, find a pump that
> will do it that you are happy with and see what its
> inlet and outlet measurements are. Most pumps listed
> in catalogs
> have the measurements listed.
> jake
> --- Larry Needham <LBN at satx_rr.com> wrote:
> > What size tubing to most of you with bigger tanks
> > have going from the tank
> > to the Wet / Dry filter?  How big is the opening for
> > where the water
> > escapes?
> >
> > Is an inch too small for 170 Gallon tank?
> >
> > Larry
> >
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