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NFC: Fw: Report on S/A Bond issue and Details for Jan 15 and Jan 24

River Lovers,
    On January 9 the Suwannee County Commission voted to be the "pass 
through" to allow Anderson/Columbia to receive Municipal Bonds at a lower

interest rate on money borrowed to construct the kiln on the 40 acre site

approved for cement manufacturing.  After a three hour hearing where 100%
the comments were against granting Joe Anderson Corporate Welfare, the
remark said by Commissioner Randy Hatch was, "We don't want to see
back here again."  These words are translated into "no county tax

    Commissioners explain that their job is to screen bond applicants for
State; no past record, prejudice, or emotion relating to the cement kiln
be applied to deciding if the applicant can repay the loan. 
said Anderson could sue them for not granting them the right to tax free 
bonds.  Commissioners Udell and Hatch vigorously struck out any liability
Suwannee County citizens or government as "the issuer." Commissioner
Caruthers made a motion to deny the bonds, but the motion died for a lack
a second.
    January 24 is SICK's lawyer Bill Ogle's First District Court Appeal
to be 
argued in Tallahassee.  The Appeals Court is on the corner of Pensacola
301 Martin Luther King Blvd.  Court begins at 9 AM.  The order of
is not set.  The Attorney General has been allowed to join Ogle's case. 
would like to see a court room full of supporters.

    For Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 15, the Ichetucknee 
Mobilization Group has organized a Rally which it describes: 
10 am- sunset                     Anti CEMENT KILN MARCH AND RALLY!
This fun-filled informational event will include: Speakers, performers,
musicians, BBQ, pony rides, games, raffle (including an annual family
to the Ichetucknee State Park) , march, peaceful protest (civil
disobedience), and puppets.  This is Martin Luther King Day so come on
Anderson Columbia will be operating while we march down and demonstrate.
The event is held on farmland 1/2 mile from the proposed site.
   Take hwy.27 go west past South entrance to  Ichetucknee Park, go over
little bridge over the Ichetucknee River, go 3 miles, take a left at
43rd, go 
pass 2 streets and take a right on 276th terrace and follow back to the 
house.  The number for
John Parino is 904-935-3350.

Virginia Seacrist
SICK, Chairperson