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Re: NFC: Getting there

can I give you my 2 cents.  hehe.  
I think the nanfa list is great also.  
I highly recommend you look into it.
try   www.nanfa.org
actually nfc was founded from out of nanfa by someone who wanted nanfa to be
different and so he started his own group called nfc.   you do NOT have to be
a dues paying member to be on the emails lists.  so give it a try.

nanfa  is   North american native fish association

I am new to this stuff also.  but I have been very actively pursuing used
tanks in the used advertising media locally.  so far I have obtained several
tanks for low costs.

george arndt
harvard, mass

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Subj: NFC: Getting there
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I guess it was about a year ago when I found the NFC site, while I was
searching the net for something on native fish, thinking I would like to
some day soon set up an aquarium. I have'nt yet become a member because I
figured I'd wait until I at least had a tank, well as of Christmas, I now
have a 38 gal tank with hood and stand.
Everyone on the list has been very helpful with my many questions and I now
have my choices down to two,for which type of filters I will use. If I go
with a power filter I'll buy the Aqua Clear 300, but I am starting to lean
towards a canister filter and my choice there would be the Eheim Plus 2213.
So it looks like I'm getting there and soon to be a member of the NFC. A
"rookie fish head" in the making. Just thought this would be a little
change from all the " poitical stuff "