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Re: NFC: Another Filter/Aquarium Question

I would like to try an incandescent spotlight or floodlight
faceing up----at just the right distance in the winter...maybe remove
it or change the wattage or change to fluorescents in the summer.
I love trying experiments.

Gary Rollwage
Arlington, Tx

>I think much over 1W/G (fluorescent) would be overkill, and incandescent or 
>halogen are way too hot for the amount of light they give. Shoot for low 
>Kelvin CFs or warm white strip fluorescents (3000K-5000K) to assure 
>plenty>of red. In warm areas like FL and CA it might be good to move the 
>ballasts>out to further improve the light/heat ratio.

>What's comfortably toasty tootsies now could be a gasper come August.


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